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The GiONEE S Plus Is A Real Game Changer In The Mid-Range Phone Category

Editor’s Note: This review of the S Plus, a mid-range smartphone from GiONEE, which originally appeared on GearLoy, our gadget reviews site, details what makes this device stand out from other Android phones out there in the market, thanks to its unassuming look and performance that impresses and exceeds your imagination along the way.


This Fast-Paced Game Challenges Your Knowledge On Popular Topics From A Cultural Perspective

Just how much do you know about Nigerian food, music, Nollywood, fashion or political history? Well, this new fast-paced game, Union Vibe Quiz, from the guys at Maliyo Games, a gaming company based out of Lagos wants to let you think on your feet as it challenges your knowledge on popular topics from a cultural


TechCrunch Wants To Give Nigerian Startups Global Recognition At Its Disrupt Event

The world’s leading technology site, TechCrunch is said to be bringing its legendary Meetup + Pitch-Off event to Lagos in July 2015 and are looking to find Nigerian early-stage start-ups that could feature at its Disrupt conference in San Francisco, this September.