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This Fast-Paced Game Challenges Your Knowledge On Popular Topics From A Cultural Perspective

Just how much do you know about Nigerian food, music, Nollywood, fashion or political history? Well, this new fast-paced game, Union Vibe Quiz, from the guys at Maliyo Games, a gaming company based out of Lagos wants to let you think on your feet as it challenges your knowledge on popular topics from a cultural


TechCrunch Wants To Give Nigerian Startups Global Recognition At Its Disrupt Event

The world’s leading technology site, TechCrunch is said to be bringing its legendary Meetup + Pitch-Off event to Lagos in July 2015 and are looking to find Nigerian early-stage start-ups that could feature at its Disrupt conference in San Francisco, this September.


Africa-Focused Technology Logistics Company, ACE To Receive $2.6 Million USD In Funding

Africa Courier Express (ACE), formerly A-Post, a Nigeria-based and Africa-focused technology driven e-commerce logistics and warehousing firm has received funding of US$850,000 from Interswitch’s recently launched ePayment Growth Fund, as part of a $2.6 million USD investment that would enable the company expand across Africa.